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For several reasons, we cannot let you park next to your cabins. The only exception will be the lodge. Two cars will be allowed to park next to this building. We will provide wagons for unloading your things. We will have plenty of parking all along the road (where trailer stood)) and across the road.

We want to update the boat house/garage, you can still park your boat in it but it isn't pretty. It is on our "to do" list, which is still pretty heavily populated.

Our "Happy Place", "Eagles Nest", "Party Spot" or whatever you want to call it also needs lots of TLC but will be open to all guests. Hopefully a few trees will be taken down and we can doll up this coveted little gem. The sunsets are the best from up here!

We have lots of docks for you to fish from and pull your boats up too. You might need to help us learn about this stuff...this group has never pulled a boat up to anything!

Marv left four boats for you to use...once again, use these at your own risk free of charge. Note: Boat only, no motor.
We don't go out in anything smaller than a pontoon!

Please swim, we have a sand bottom lake and we've heard that's a good thing.

Plan on fun at the fire pit.

You will have a grill and picnic table to use with your cabin or the Lodge. Please bring your own charcoal.

We will have vintage bikes (painted to match our signature Boondoggle colors) for your summer bike trips around the island.

Marv has left a paddle boat. We'd like to add a few more water toys to the resort...depends on our funds after all the repairs are done. Uff da (that's what we Norwegians say)

Walking, hiking, biking, antiquing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, boating, canoeing, paddle boating, bird watching, reading, sunbathing, napping... This list will continue to change, as we really have no idea what we are doing!

ONE LAST THING - we will not be at Boondoggle 24/7. We will occasionally have grandparent duties, family commitments, or community events that will take us from here. There will be contact numbers posted in case of problems. (MARV SOS) On the bright side, since we have such limited knowledge and very few useful resort skills, we probably won't be missed.

So if you are somewhat self sufficient, have a good sense of humor and relatively low expectations you will be a perfect match for BOONDOGGLE ON THE LAKE.