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CABIN 1– 1 bedroom sleeps 2

Oh boy...this has changed! We’ve taken down the ceiling and exposed some of the walls. Screams of joy could be heard across the lake when we peeled back layers of flooring, to reveal awesome pine floors! When you open the time worn screen door you will be welcomed into a cozy kitchen/living area. Fry your fish, read a book or have coffee, all while looking out onto Lake Chetek. Enjoy meals, games or gossip.  You may or may not find a 1950's dinette set, depending on our remodeling.  This is like camping inside...with a bed, electricity and hot water!

Sleep tight in our retro  beds with new linens & pillows.  And store your clothing in a reclaimed you peek out to the lake through your window.

A small, no frills, yet cozy, bathroom has everything you need. Potty, shower, sink and a open closet for your things.  Check back to see the updated pictures of your cabin!

Look below for a video walk through of Cabin 1

 Price  $550 per week or $300 per half week

Check availability on the calendar below.

Video Walk through of Cabin 1.